“La Polyclinique de la Culture” was  founded in 2004 in Brussels. The semantic word play of the name refers to the great multi-disciplinarity within the activities of the association. We organized small-scale activities in Brussels concerning video (Vaiku-visual haiku), public interventions (the Japanese ‘Sakura Matsuri’), ecology / architecture (‘The Turning house’, ’the house of Encounters’), poetry (‘ The library of preciousness’), performance (‘Body sessions’) and gastronomy (‘ La polyculture de la cuisine ‘). From 2007 the focus shifted from the activities to the organization of mobile audiovisual workshops for children. Since 2010, as part of the “Natura docet” project, the non-profit organization has offered thematic workshops on the relationship between people and nature in a picturesque piece of nature reserve in Lier. On November 27, 2013, “Ecole Mondiale (EM) was started as an artists’ collective dedicated to artistic research.

“Our pluralistic culture is a cultural arena in which diverse actors try to push through their cultural definition. Any definition is an interpretation anyway; and it is precisely this giving meaning that makes people cultural beings. A process in which the emphasis lies in mapping the cultural diversity, stimulate social imagination and honour the culture-creating capacity in every person” (Peter Burke)